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All prices are for a 24 hour hire period. Additional charges may apply for extended hire. Delivery and collection charges may apply.

Marquee Hire

We have a range of marquees that are modular in design and can be extended or reduced in length to specifically cater to your individual requirements. Whether it be a small intimate gathering or a larger party or event, Cairns Marquee & Party Hire can provide a solution for you.

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3x6 metre Marquee (self erect)      $148.00

3x6 metre Marquee (assist erect)  $198.00

6x6 metre Marquee (self erect)        $250

6x6 metre Marquee (assist erect)     $295

3x3 metre Marquee (self erect)

OR $90 (assist erect)

$75 Special

Examples of our common sizes and how modular marquees can be configured to suit specific requirements:

3 x 3m Marquees

6 x 3m Marquees

6 x 6m Marquees

6 x 9m Marquees

6 x 12m Modular Marquees

6 x 18m Modular Marquees


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